Film Screening: NGOs vs. oil companies in Siberia

Originally posted in winter 2007

On 12th November at Passing Clouds Works in Dalston, east London, Look East Wild Earth coordinated the first UK screening of award-winning Russian film “The Warning” (Preduprezhdenie).

“The Warning” is a documentary-style film charting the struggle of Siberian communities in protecting their sacred lands from predatory oil companies. Its makers, Baikal Environmental Wave, are based in East Siberia and are at the forefront of the campaign to prevent irresponsible carving up of ancient shamanic lands and pollution of Lake Baikal’s watershed.

The film was shown to a packed room of around 60 people. Huge interest was shown in the film and the work being done in Siberia to protect the vast forests and water resources on behalf of all of us, an encouraging reminder to our active members as to why we are committed to helping this work continue!

A big thanks to Steph, Look East coordinator and trustee, for organising such a successful event.

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