Siberia Wild at Camden Green Fair and Bike Fest

Originally posted in summer 2007 by Steph

On 3rd June in Regents Park in London, Siberian Wild took part in the 2007 Camden Green Fair and Bike Fest. We organised a stall as part of their campaigns & education field – arguably the heart and soul of green events all over the country. Our stall attracted a huge variety of people from those who have previously travelled in Russia to those attracted and amazed at the photographic display we arranged of Lake Baikal. Many people couldn’t believe the images of Russia without its characteristic blanket of snow! We informed people of the problems that threaten the unique Lake Baikal through the proposed construction of the Taushet-Primorskiy pipeline the importance of conserving the lake – after all, shouldn’t we all take responsibility for the protection of one fifth of our planet’s drinking water? At this event we were pleased to be able to offer an exciting selection of herbal honeys and teas from Sakhalin and the Altai region, as well as t-shirts and jute bags produced by our partner organisation Baikal Environmental Wave. Donations received during the course of the event of course go to continued fundraising for Siberian environmental projects. Siberian Wild would like to thank everyone who contributed to our cause and added their name to our mailing list – we’ll be in touch soon about other interesting events and projects we are involved in your area in the near future!


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