Film Screening: An evening in the Siberian Forest

Originally posted in October 2012

FILM SHOWING: Thurs 8th December 2012. Doors @ 7pm, films @ 7.30pm
Green Lens Studio, 4a Atterbury Road, London N4 1SF
£5 donation

As part of the International Year of the Forest, Look East Wild Earth will be showing two eye-opening documentaries at the wonderful Green Lens cinema in Haringey, London, on 8th December. We invite you to join us in marking the international year of the forest for an evening of film, spoken word and cups of Siberian Forest Tea. Join us in learning about the plight of the Siberian boreal forest. This “evening in the forests” is part of a European-wide project with activities taking place in Czech Republic, Albania, Finland, Russia and Portugal, and we at Look East Wild Earth would be honoured for you to attend the UK’s offering.

The films to be shown are:

For Sale – Standing Timber
A fifth of the world’s forest cover is in Russia, and is under acute threat from illegal logging. Bravely taking us through his working days, former forestry worker turned illegal timber hauler Vasiliy Morozov exposes just how widespread corruption in the forest sector is, how it undermines legislation, and enables the decimation huge swathes of old growth boreal forest with the perpetrators going largely unpunished.The film follows the entire supply chain – from the forest to a processing plant in China — and will give you a glimpse into what is happening to the trees of Russia’s boreal forests, forests not inaccurately called one of the earth’s lungs.
This film is produced by leading Russian environmental NGO ‘Baikal Environmental Wave’

Conflict Tiger
We will now be showing IN ADDITION to “For Sale, Standing Timber” a documentary thriller set in the Russian Far East, “Conflict Tiger”. This incredible film explores the increasingly confrontational relations and shared destiny between tigers and people. This film was nominated Best International Environmental film of the decade at the Green Globe Awards in LA 2010.


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