Hello and welcome to Look East Wild Earth!

We are a group of British people who are passionate about nature conservation and environmental issues in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many of us have volunteered on projects or simply travelled around and love the beauty of these countries. Over the past ten years, Look East has supported partner NGOs, sent volunteers out on placements and organised international events. We are open to new members and ideas so please get in touch if you have similar passions.

Our history:

From 2007 until 2015, Look East Wild Earth was a registered UK charity (1123541).  It now operates as an informal group.

Look East Wild Earth was born in the summer of 2004 on a hiking trip on Olkhon island on Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia. Steph was completing a volunteering placement with an environmental organization and Katy was visiting her and some old friends from her time there as a volunteer four years previously. Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the place as well as the amazing work of the organization, Baikal Environmental Wave, we decided to try to set up a UK based organization that might be of some use in supporting the work of struggling Russian, Siberian and East European NGOs and help to promote cooperation and understanding between UK folk and those to our immediate east.

steph and Katy


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